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About us

Building legacy—together.

The team at Veritas Legacy Wealth is in it for the long haul. Beyond short-term gains, we empower you to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape confidently. Because we understand the importance of creating a strong legacy that reflects your values and enriches the lives of future generations.

Our mission is to provide outstanding wealth management services—and more importantly, to continuously create meaningful relationships with our clients. Our mindset is client focused, which means we’re deeply committed to listening carefully to understand your goals.

Through each season of life and every market cycle, we’ll help you craft, implement and track a custom wealth management strategy centered around what matters most to you. From your closest family to the charity you hold nearest to your heart, our approach is made to help you strive to achieve your financial goals.

 Join Veritas Legacy Wealth and experience the power of truth in building meaningful relationships and a lasting legacy.

Partnerships that last a lifetime.

Our clients are hard-working individuals who are nearing or already enjoying a well-earned retirement. Because we uphold a minimum asset requirement of $500,000, the majority of our clients seek our services once they are well-established in their careers. Additionally, we are proud to have worked with multiple generations within the same family in the cases of many of our clients. We are happy to meet with anyone who is in search of honest financial advice and wants to build their legacy with us.

Living up to our name.

The name of our firm captures two important concepts that guide us each day—Veritas, meaning truth, and legacy. Veritas represents our belief that being true is required in genuine relationships and our commitment to providing clarity and understanding in your financial journey. Legacy refers to our understanding of the significance of creating a strong legacy that reflects your values and enriches the lives of future generations.